Our Purchasing strategy

A balanced strategy with three priorities

1. Optimising the Total Cost of Ownership

We focus on quality, delivery deadlines, value and Total Cost of Ownership, rather than simply price.

In the words of our buyers


“My job is all about reconciling customer requirements with operational and supplier constraints. That means I work with our suppliers to explore the possibility of offering variants. I’m not focusing on price, but rather on finding the right solution. So, for example, we may use products that cost more per linear metre, but which are easier and quicker to install. We have to think about things holistically !”

Erwan Réau,
Purchasing Manager, Multi-Expertise Regions

2. Securing risks

Securing supply chain, quality, regulatory, societal and environmental risks is central to our priorities.

In the words of our buyers


“When you work internationally on projects like the construction of the Nachtigal hydroelectric power plant in Cameroon, you have to be absolutely sure that the materials you need will actually arrive before shipping them! Having containers stuck in a port means a project that’s off-track and with skyrocketing costs. That’s why I begin working with suppliers at the earliest-possible stage to ensure that they meet the customs, documentary and regulatory requirements of each country. I’m on constant standby, and it’s my job to respond to the constraints of our operators, suppliers, transport companies, customs, customers, etc. with the sole priority of securing the supply chains of our major international projects.”

Claire Pereira,
Deputy Purchasing Manager, Multi-Expertise International

3. Creating long-term value for our customers

We create value alongside our suppliers through shared technological and environmental innovation, by standing out distinctively from competitors, by reducing lead times and by offering total solutions.

In the words of our buyers


“Creating value for our customers means involving our key suppliers upstream of the tendering process. We work together to meet customer requirements as closely as possible, and always collaborate closely with customers on developing and putting together solutions that set us apart distinctively from other bidders. So when we win a contract, so do our suppliers. We pay very close attention to their proposals: perhaps it’s for a new material that limits CO2 emissions, a safer lifting solution or an ingenious way of using something that boosts efficiency… We’re always ready and willing to test out their new ideas on our worksites. The bottom line is that when we’ve taken the time to discuss and consider all the possible variants, we’re creating value on 3 levels: for our customers, for our suppliers and for ourselves”.

Olivier Richard,
Purchasing Manager at AGILIS